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Alkira Australian Cobberdogs is the first breeder of the prestigious pure bred Australian Cobberdog in Western Australia. Our small breeding programme is focused on developing Australian Cobberdogs with ideal temperaments to become hypoallergenic therapy and companion dogs.

WHY A Cobberdog? 

Australian Cobberdogs are becoming famous worldwide for their innate therapy dog temperament, loving intuitive nature, sound health, and their hypoallergenic low-shedding coats. This is due to careful breeding over generations, with these selective traits only anticipated to become stronger in future generations to come.

They are registered as a breed in the developing stages with the worldwide registry, the Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA). This means that as a breeder, there are strict regulations to follow and puppies are sold with pedigree papers. Our puppies parents have had sophisticated DNA testing done for inheritable genetic health conditions as well as coat testing and hip scoring.

This ensures the health and integrity of the breed stays strong and that you get a puppy that is not only healthy, but has a great temperament too. As a breeder, we are committed to making sure that the puppies we carefully and selectively choose to breed have only an exceptional pedigree so we can contribute to the growth and development of the breed.

Australian Cobberdogs are the ideal family pet or assistance / therapy companion. They have a strong human-focus and connection, evident often from the moment puppies eyes open with their sustained eye contact. They are calm and grounded, highly intelligent and have high intuition (can read emotional states). They suit families, individuals, and therapeutic settings where a calming influence is needed (nursing homes, schools, etc) and are with specialised training, popular with children who have developmental delays or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their high human focus and ability to read emotional states means they are able to adjust their behaviour to suit the situation they are in.

Having said all this, they are not always so serious! They are incredibly funny and mischievous and have a great sense of humour. They love to make you laugh 🙂

They have no to low shedding coats, low allergenic and low odour. This means little to no mess to clean up. Coats can be wavy, curly, or straight and they come in a miniature, medium or standard size. We currently breed medium to small standard sized Cobberdogs.

They are great with other pets and have been bred for low aggression. These dogs are family companions and love nothing more than to be inside with you as part of the family. If an outside dog is what you are looking for, an Australian Cobberdog is not for you.

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