About Us

My name is Deb Reuben and together with my husband Marcel and our children Amara and Kai, we are a small breeder of pedigree Australian Cobberdogs in Western Australia. We live in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. Our intention is to breed on a small scale and collaborate with other like-minded breeders who are also passionate about breeding ethically and with the intention of doing what is best for this beautiful breed.
We concentrate on breeding for temperament and quality family companions, particularly for families with children who are facing challenges and need a therapy assistance dog.
When looking for a dog for our family I researched long and hard. I needed to find a dog that would suit our family’s varied temperaments – a dog that would be low maintenance, easy to train, calm, gentle, non shedding, and one that my husband would love as he was the one who really didn’t want a dog to join our family. Essentially, the dog needed to be bomb proof!
Through my research I stumbled upon the Australian Cobberdog which I’d never heard of. I was particularly intrigued with the thought of having a dog that was so intuitive and in tune with people that it could sense how they were feeling and be able to offer support and assistance. I am a Naturopath with a very keen interest in health and well being so having a dog that would compliment this interest and then potentially be able to share the breed with other families here in Western Australia, decided it for me. I’m happy to report that our dogs have met and exceeded all our expectations – and Marcel adores them!

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