Australian Cobberdog

What is An Australian CobberDog

The Australian Cobberdog is a pure breed recognized by the MDBA (Master Dog Breeders and Associates) since 2012, and has its own DNA sequence. 

History of the breed

Beverley and Mellodie, breeders of the Ruthland Manor and Tegan Park Labradoodle Breeding & Research Centres decided to restore the Authentic Labradoodle’s lost essence.


The Australian Cobberdog is a balanced and very intelligent dog. It loves to learn new tricks, is highly trainable and is always eager to please. One of the characteristics that best defines it is its tendency to try and catch the eye of a person.

Sizes and Colours

When looking at an Australian Cobberdog , its symmetry, balance and happy character should stand out. It is a sociable dog, confident and always ready to make friends with other animals and humans.

Hypoallergenic Dog

The Australian Cobberdog has a coat that is very low shedding (technically no dog never sheds), low allergen and low odour. This means they produce less mess and are easier to care for.

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