Cobberdog Sizes and Colors

General Impression

When looking at an Australian Cobberdog , its symmetry, balance and happy character should stand out. It is a sociable dog, confident and always ready to make friends with other animals and humans. It will seem enthusiastic and happy, but never hyperactive. Always wanting to be pet, it has a natural intuition to seek out eye contact with humans. Its coat has only one layer and doesn’t shed or change. Its fur should be uniform and very soft and silky, falling in waves or loose curls. It is athletic and agile, and it should seem to move effortlessly with a constant cadence and cheerful attitude.


General balance and symmetry are more important than absolute size. The length of the Australian Cobberdog must be a little more than its height, with a proportion of 12 to 10. There should be no difference in temperament among the different sizes.

  • Miniature: from 33cm to 43cm // 6-10kg
  • Medium: from 43cm to 50cm // 12-20kg
  • Large: from 50cm to 58cm // 20-35kg

The sex of the dog does not affect size, but in general, females have a slightly lighter frame than males.


There are two types of coats accepted for the Australian Cobberdog. In general terms, its hair is soft and silky. It should not produce an odour or be spongy.

  • Wavy coat: this is a wave that falls with movement and is easily finger-combed. It is curlier when it is short but when left to grow, the wave extends and relaxes.
  • Ringlet Coat: this has more defined curls that fall in spirals, forming ringlets. When cut, the curl intensifies and the coat appears more dense.

Australian CobberDog Colours

There are two types of colours for the Australian Cobberdog, solid colours, which can be combined and are known as parti-colours, and, shaded colours, which have various tones of the same colour. Some colours can be associated with a black pigmentation (black, red, white, peach, silver, gold and lavandar) or pink (chocolate, coffee, pergamine, white and gold).

Hypoallergenic Hair

This breed was created to make a hypoallergenic dog that could work as an assistance or therapy dog. Its coat doesn’t shed or change, and its hair doesn’t fall out. This means it doesn’t give off allergenic particles and its skin almost never peels. This is why the the Australian Cobberdog doesn’t provoke an allergic reaction in most people with an allergy to dogs.


  In general terms, it is fine and shiny. It is pleasant to pet, soft and silky in texture. This dog hair never stops growing, even though it does grow slowly. The hair of the Australian Cobberdog tends to become stringy when it isn’t brushed, but it always maintains its humidity. This makes it pleasant to touch, with no dry or brittle feeling. When wet, it dries easily and doesn’t produce any odour.


The Australian Cobberdog can wear its hair long, short or even shaved, according to preference. Despite the need for more care, long hair is the most enjoyable, as it feels pleasant and looks majestic. Long hair requires a weekly brushing to avoid knots, and a visit to the canine stylist every month and a half to be hydrated.

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