What is the Australian Cobberdog like?


The Australian Cobberdog is a balanced and very intelligent dog. It loves to learn new tricks is very trainable and is always eager to please. One of the characteristics that best defines it is its tendency to try and catch the eye of a person, as if trying to read what is expected of it. The Australian Cobberdog is sensitive and has great capacity to perceive moods or understand who needs to be cared for the most, whether it be a small child, an elderly individual, or someone who is physically challenged. This is due to its respectful and unimposing nature, especially beneficial for therapies addressing people who have difficulties interacting.

The CobberDog and people

The Australian Cobberdog is a dog that loves people. Trusting by nature, it is friendly to everyone, even strangers. It is perfect around children, always ready to play with them, go on an outing or share relaxing moments together on the video game console. With enormous curiosity for everything human, they always want to be where we are, even if we’re in the bathroom! Yet, this attachment to people isn’t a problem when it comes time to leave them alone, as they can easily entertain themselves with a toy or by just looking out onto the street from a window.

The Australian Cobberdog is a very friendly dog with all animals, especially other dogs. It is somehow even able to get dogs that don’t usually interact with other dogs to do so, feeling comfortable with the Australian Cobberdog. Its normal response is to avoid conflict and move away from trouble. It co-habitates perfectly with other animals like cats, birds or rodents. It will probably show curiosity and want to play with them, so it is important to train your dog to have appropriate behaviour with other pets.

The CobberDog and other animals

The CobberDog and its environment

The Australian Cobberdog is a versatile breed. It adapts well to anywhere it lives, whether city or country. It can live perfectly well in an apartment and has no problem putting up with the hours it spends alone waiting for the family to return from work or school. It is a dog with excellent hearing, which is important in its socialization with all the typical city noises. It deals well with new situations and enjoys being able to do its best. This is a dog capable of doing anything when the person it trusts is nearby.


The Australian Cobberdog has a great sense of play. It is always eager to chase after a ball, pull on a rope or play with children. Even when alone, its great imagination allows it to entertain itself by playing with a toy or stick. The Australian Cobberdog never gets bored, and always invents something interesting to have a good time.


The Australian Cobberdog is a very intelligent dog with a great need to please people. This makes them easy to train, since they always want to grab our attention to teach them something. They are also good at agility or canicross, and they love going on any adventure your family enjoys.

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