The Australian Cobberdog


The Australian Cobberdog is a pure breed recognized by the MDBA (Master Dog Breeders and Associates) since 2012, and has its own DNA sequence. The MDBA is also the institution responsible for ensuring correct breeding procedures to guarantee quality of life for future generations of the breed, through good breeder practices, whose breeding criteria must be that the puppies have a good temperament and be in good genetic health. Only MDBA breeders have the legitimacy to guarantee that their dogs are purebred Australian Cobberdogs. This guarantees the integrity of the genetic lines.


The Australian Cobberdog is registered as a breed in the developing stages with the worldwide registry, the Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA). This means there are regulations to follow and puppies are sold with a pedigree. Through careful breeding practices in keeping the bloodlines pure, we are able to ensure consistency of the breed standards that have been established over generations Рa warm gentle nature, strong bonding with humans, highly intuitive and intelligent, different size options, and different hypoallergenic coats. Our breeding dogs are all comprehensively DNA tested for inheritable health issues, which helps keep the breed inherently strong. 

This is Malu, our own Cobberdog and the mother of our first litter of pups!

This is Arlo, Malu’s lovely mum…

And this is Tavern, Malu’s dad.

Arlo and Tavern are Tegan & Rutland bloodlines which is what Malu has too. This is important as Tegan & Rutland bloodlines are the founding bloodlines of this breed.

The Origin of the Australian CobberDog

Of the first breeders who worked on developing the Labradoodle breed, we have Mellodie Wooley. Along with her mother, Beverley Manners, she set out to develop and consolidate the breed going further than a simple cross between a Labrador and Poodle. However, upon witnessing the popularity and consequential overexploitation of the term Labradoodle and how it was losing its original meaning, they reframed the concept of the breed. They decided to rid themselves of all the negative connotation that had been unjustifiably acquired by the Labradoodle, and created a new nomenclature for the breed that would disassociate it from unscrupulous breeders. The name for this genetically different line of dogs, bred under a breeding programme in accordance with its objective as a therapy and assistance dog, was Australian Cobber Dog.

The CobberDog became an official breed

The Australian Cobberdog is a pure breed recognized by the MDBA and it has its own DNA sequence. The MDBA agreed to register it under the condition that the word “Labradoodle” would not be used in its registration, given all the chaos, incoherent generalization and confusion surrounding it. Thus, the name Australian Cobberdog was born.

It complied with the original objective for which it was created: to be hypoallergenic that have little to no shedding coats, have great intelligence and intuition, to be gentle and generous in nature and have great potential to become therapy and assistance dogs. Only registered MDBA breeders that guarantee a breeding programme that complies with the breed standard can issue the Australian Cobberdog pedigree.

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