Getting Your Puppy

ALKIRA CobberDog puppies

Alkira Cobberdog puppies are born and raised in our home under our continuous care. We take a “hands off” approach for the first few weeks, allowing mum to take care of them and primarily making sure that she is well fed and hydrated. The environment is quiet, warm, and calm and the puppies are minimally handled by us. This not only allows mum to really relax and bond with the puppies but also for the puppies nervous systems to develop during these critical first weeks.

Once the puppies eyes are open and they start moving around, we make our presence gradually felt. At this point the puppies start moving towards us, making eye contact and wanting to be cuddled and handled. This is all done on their terms. We gently touch their faces, ears, and feet, preparing them for the nail clipping and grooming to come in their future.




Around weeks 3 – 4 the puppies start transitioning to a raw food diet and spend their days in the fully enclosed and secure puppy nursery. Here they get to explore, play, and run on the lush green grass, doing the important work of socialising with each other and building the muscles up in their little bodies. Their mother and our other adult dogs keep a watchful eye on them, jumping in and out of the nursery, playing and teaching them the importance of doggy manners and etiquette.

From 7 weeks (after their first vaccination and with very strict hygiene rules to protect the pups from germs) we start to allow visitors. The puppies are so ready for more human interactions by this point and will clamber and jostle for attention, climbing, licking and nibbling on you. And who doesn’t love puppy kisses and cuddles?!

From 8 weeks, once vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and vet checked pups are ready to go to their forever homes. We do send puppies all over Australia, departing from Perth and using a reputable pet courier company such as Aeropets or JetPets. This ranges in price from $300 – $800 depending on flights and destination.

Are You Interested in an ALKIRA CobberDog Puppy?

If you would like more information on the litters currently available, or want to reserve a puppy, please contact us. We will tell you about prices, pedigree, questions regarding the care of the dog and any other information you may require.


The cost of Cobberdogs being sold  in Australia is currently between $6000 – $7500. 

We do not cut any corners when it comes to the ongoing care of our dogs and puppies – from the DNA breed profiling and health screening, vaccinations, worming and vet checks to where we live and the premium raw food we feed them. The cost of our dogs reflects the  optimal care taken to ensure your companion animal is of a very high standard.



Would you like to be a guardian of one of our breeding programme dogs?

We are looking for experienced, kind and loving families within 3 hours of our property who would be interested in being a part of our guardian programme. 

The guardian programme allows our future breeding dogs to go home as puppies where they will live in their forever homes.

Interested families will be interviewed and given further information. Contact us if you would like to know more



Please note: We are no longer taking long term reservations for our puppies. When we have an impending litter we will let people know via our mailing list and you will be invited to fill in an application form.

Availability of puppies suitable for special needs will also be advised via our mailing list. Special needs families will be given priority in this case as finding an appropriate dog can be very difficult and time consuming.


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