The Australian Cobberdog as a Therapy Dog

The only breed created to be the perfect therapy and assistance dog

No other breed like the Australian Cobberdog with better features to be an exemplary therapy or assistance dog exists. The breed was specifically conceived to be hypoallergenic and have the best temperament for this work.

The Perfect Therapy and Assistance Dog

The Australian Cobberdog has no equal when it comes to doing assistance and therapy work; the breed was specifically created for this work. Even though some other breeds, such as the Labrador or Golden Retriever, have been used for this purpose, in reality they were developed to fetch the catch of hunters. Up until the 80s when the Australian Cobberdog was bred, no breed had been developed with the sole objective of having optimum characteristics necessary to become therapy and assistance dogs. Assisted therapy and assistance dogs are relatively modern. Since then, there has never been a therapy or assistance dog that adapts perfectly to this work like the Australian Cobberdog.


The Australian Cobberdog stands out for its need to please its owner. This characteristic is especially useful when it comes time to teach it new commands. It is very easy to get the dog’s attention, and it will always try to understand what is expected of it as quickly as possible. One of the characteristics that best defines it is its tendency to try and catch the eye of a person.


The Australian Cobberdog has the ideal temperament for a therapy or assistance dog. It is calm and very tolerant of everyone, including those who treat it roughly (something very common in people suffering from dementia or symptoms from autism spectrum). Whenever it is presented with a problem, it never shows aggression; it simply avoids it.


The Australian Cobberdog looks like a cuddly stuffed animal, which makes it very appealing to people (even those who are afraid of dogs). Its hair, long and soft, comes in many colours, naturally lending itself to therapy sessions related to the senses. And since it comes in three sizes, the Australian Cobberdog is able to carry out a variety of different assistance tasks and activities.


The Australian Cobberdog’s coat is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t shed or change hair. This makes it perfect for anyone with special needs, even if they have allergies. Furthermore, it’s perfect for carrying out therapy sessions at hospitals and other centres, since it is very hygienic. As an assistance dog, another advantage is that it doesn’t dirty public places where it needs to accompany the user.

The Australian Cobberdog has a special fixation on humans. It always tries to catch our eye, and is very curious about what we are doing. This constant observation is what provides for their great ability to read expressions and moods. It quickly perceives when someone needs their company, or asks it for space. And it always respects this. 


The Australian Cobberdog is an energetic dog, but it isn’t nervous. Its energy is a necessary prerequisite for its training as an assistance dog or active therapy dog, since an apathetic dog would not always have the same predisposition to carry out commands. The Australian Cobberdog’s energy is perfect to be redirected into a dog that is always motivated to do what is asked of it.

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